A gym is not just somewhere to go to improve your body, it is an environment for true personal growth. Sparked Society is more than a gym, emphasizing both the physical and the mental aspects of individual progression.

Our Why

Sparked Society is for those who won’t settle for anything less than their highest potential. Some need to find that spark in life to get started and some are already sparked and have to keep going. Everyone is at a different point on their journey and have had different experiences. We are all here together in search of our own spark or what keeps us going. Lets live sparked together

Connect with like-minded, passionate people that push you, especially when you cannot push yourself. Build relationships in the gym that energize and motivate you no matter what goals you have. Find your "why." Whether you want to build muscle, lose fat, become a professional bodybuilder or powerlifter, or simply be the best version of yourself determine the thing that makes you spark. 

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What We Offer

- 5,500 square feet of pure gym heaven guaranteed to help you reach your goals
-24/7 365 gym access so you never miss a workout
-No Contracts, Cancellation, or hidden fees. Just a measly one time $39 key fob and activation fee

-$55 monthly or $480 ($40 a month) before tax yearly memberships available

-DM us on Social Media or just stop by to set an appointment for a tour and membership consultation

-Memberships will be capped so act fast 💨

-sign up online and make an appointment for a tour and to recieve your key fob